Why Us

Why Us

Investment for Profits

Original Trutech Parts are manufactured underthe same or better specifications and manufacturing processes as your world class equipments. There is no difference between Trutech Parts and parts supplied by manufacturers. In fact, our parts are better in terms of price competitiveness with better quality and manufacturing standards. We do not supply replacement parts but Trutech Parts are giving you better performance with more safety features for your capital investment.


Highest level of Results Assured… Choices are available in market but we understand what is most suitable for your machine or equipment. Top level performance is assured due to highest quality parts.


With latest technology for quality testing and quality control, our parts are accepted based on longer life and reliability which are inspected at all levels.Acceptance of our parts is proven and dependable in world market.


Trutech Parts are comparable with parts supplied by machine manufacturers.Material, tolerance and ease of installation will give the feel of differences. Having good technical expertise and ability to make perfect parts gives satisfaction of compatibility with your machine.

Technical Advice

Trutech Technologies provides services for all parts supplied to you. A dedicated team of experts is well trained to understand your needs of most suitable parts in your machine. We are also available to provide all necessary help for problem finding, analysis and solution provider for parts installation.You will find all your needs of spare parts successfully satisfied with Trutech Technologies as single point for all your different machines.For any small problem or issue related to your machines, Trutech Team is always ready to assist you with problem solving approach.