Programmable Cheque Book Finishing Machine With Stacking Table

Programmable Cheque Book Finishing Machine With Stacking Table

Technical Specification
A complete finishing line including stitching (Stapling), Spine taping (Back lining) & Automatic delivery
Column size (lengthxwidth) Length: 600 mm to 700 mm | Width: 300 mm
Cheque Book Size :
a) Length/height (Top to bottom) 68 mm to 105 mm
b) Wtdth (Spine to fore edge) 175 mm to 300 mm
c) Thickness 01 mm to 25 mm
Number of stitching Head Single stitching head
Stitch height Function 01 mm to 25 mm
Spine Tape Function Reel Form: 25-45 mm width
folding width per side of the book: 5 mm to 15 mm
Minimum Finishing Function 2500-3000 books/hour [ within 25 pages of books]
Stitching Speed 130 to 200 stitches per minute
Control PLC & Servo Motor
Power 380(+10%) VAC, 3 ph. 50 Hz
Other Function Individual operating possibility of Stitching & Taping unit
Automatic mis-fed & mis-stitch


During mis-fed & mis-stitch, detection function will be activated & m/c will stop.

Detection system activates & m/c stops when stitching wire ends

Operator Safety Alarm, start hooter, red, yellow & green flash lights are available

*Specifications are subject to change without notice

*Customized and special machines are available on request

*Customized as per customer requirement