Book Trimming Machine Trutech-btm-104

Book Trimming Machine (Trutech-btm-104)

Book Trimming Machine consist of manual bunch feeding table, book front cutting unit, book partition cutting unit, book delivery table, waste removal trolley, lubrication system and centralized control panel (PLC).

Converting Strokes * 40 per minute 40 per minute
Maximum number of ups 4 ups 4 ups
Bunch Width:  maximum 1040 mm 1040 mm
                       minimum 400 mm 400 mm
Bunch Length: maximum 225 mm 350 mm
                       minimum 145 mm 145 mm
Sheet Bunch:   maximum 55 Sheets (220 Pages) 55 Sheets (220 Pages)
                          minimum 6 Sheets (24 Pages) 6 Sheets (24 Pages)
Bunch Thickness 4mm to 14mm 4mm to 14mm

Salient Features:

1. Low Investment High Return
2. Minimum Manpower
3. Uniform High Quality Product Output.
4. Low Maintenance
5. Easy Operation.-Auto Feeding
6. Drawing Book Compatible. – (LB Model)